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Peach - Avalon Pride

A delicious mouth-watering peach, sweet and full of juice. New North American variety, resistant to peach leaf curl disease. Discovered as a chance seedling in her Washington State garden by Miss Pride,makes peach growing a whole lot easier in Britain. Self-fertile and dwarfer growing than most other varieties.

Season: August

Planting Distance: 5m (16ft)

Approximate Height: 4m (13ft) after 10 years

The major cause of poor pollination is bad weather at blossom time, limiting the activity of insects, particularly in the case of peaches which usually bloom in February or March. In a bad year a soft paint brush can dramatically improve results.

This peach tree is growing on a semi-dwarf rootstock, ideal for the average garden.

Peaches need a sunny site and a neutral soil to crop well, a pH of 6.0 - 7.5 is ideal.