Apple - Lord Derby

Early Victorian cooking variety bred in Cheshire with large, juicy sweet fruit. Will thrive even in colder wetter areas. Bears abundant reliable crops of large sharp-flavoured bright green apples that keep into the New Year. Good pollinator.

Season: October - December

Planting Distance: 4m (13ft)

Approximate Height: 4m (13ft) after 10 years

Instances of poor pollination are nearly always caused by bad weather at blossom time, limiting the activity of insects.

This apple tree is growing on a semi-dwarf rootstock, ideal for the average garden.

Apples need a sunny site and a neutral soil to crop well, a pH of 6.5 - 7.5 is ideal.

Plant Name Specification Rootstock Plant age Availability Picture
Lord Derby Bareroot M26 1 or 2 year Late November to April
Lord Derby 9L Poly Pot M26 2 year All Year 9Litre Tree

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